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Ruthless Outlaws Rules

Welcome to our Rules page, pleas read our rules carefully. If you scroll down below you will find Server and Xbox Rules.


Forum Rules:

  • No Insulting/Swearing.

  • No Double Posting or bumping topics.

  • No Advertising/recruiting for other clans.

  • No posting/uploading of anything related to cheats or hacks.

  • No Multiple accounts, if we find out that you're using multi accounts we will delete that last created one without a warning.

  • No sharing or even discussing cracks or anything related to illegal piracy websites.

Wolfenstein ET Server Rules:

  • At first, respect everyone, you will get respect back in that way.

  • No Insulting/Swearing.

  • No Spamming in-game chat.

  • No Advertising/recruiting for other clans.

  • No cheating or hacking. You will be banned without a warning.

  • No Asking for level. It will only prevent you from getting a promotion.

  • Don't accuse players of cheating in public, if you think someone is cheating take demo or screenshot and post it on the forums in the right section.

  • Our main language is English. Use PM if you want to talk in your own language. 

  • Don't rush objectives to fast, let people enjoy the map. Walljump for objective is NOT allowed.

  • No Double Clanning.

Xbox Platoon/Clan/Squad Rules:

  • No Double Clanning.

  • No Insulting/Swearing in party or private messages.

  • Play the game it means to be played, no exploits, hacks or cheats. (We know it's a console, but still...)

  • No Advertising/recruiting for other clans in party or private messages.

  • Always use the gametag which is posted on your forum profile.