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W:ET Application

 [ACCEPTED] Dodge apply
Big Grin 
Ingame Name: Dodge
Your Past Gaming Alias: Just Dodge
Your Past clans if any: no
Discord: not yet
Location (country): UK
Age: 21
How often do you play: 2 hours a day
Have you donated: not yet Grin
Will you be able to help in recruiting?: Yes. I can help to make the server more and more active!!
What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: Happines and activity Tongue
Do you have 5000 XP: I had, until we switch to silent mode

Tell us about yourself: I love to play games and hanging out with friends! once you know me longer, you will get to know more.
Finally lol, +1 ofc, ur mature and active. Smile
Approved for membership. Welcome! Smile

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