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5 Extraordinary Benefits of a School Garden Health Articles | May 11 Wholesale Carlos Gonzalez Jersey , 2014
Does your child's school have an active working garden?Research is repeatedly showing how critical school gardens are to your child's health and overall educational experience. Not only will your chil...

Does your child's school have an active working garden?

Research is repeatedly showing how critical school gardens are to your child's health and overall educational experience. Not only will your child learn science and math... which is great for hisher brain, but your child will also reap the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and exposure to direct sun light! Not to mention, there will be good fruits and veggies to consume!

Here are 5 extraordinary benefits of having a school garden:

1.?Help increase Vitamin D levels. With reduced recess and lack of outdoor play Cheap Wade Davis Jersey , children's Vitamin D levels are falling across the board. One of the best and free sources of Vitamin D is... the SUN! And Vitamin D is turning out to be a potent cancer fighter. Actively engaging in the school garden for 20 minutes is a great way for your child to get that much needed Vitamin D!

2.?Increase the new-age Vitamin "G" - green space. In a recent published article for the National Recreation and Park Association, Dr. Francis Kuo of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "found that children with ADHD who went for 20-minute walks in park settings performed as well on concentration tests afterwards as children who received common ADHD medications." Outstanding!

3.?Seasonal, local Cheap Jon Gray Jersey , organic and whole (SLOW). There is no denying the research behind SLOW foods and their superior nutritional benefits over packaged, processed, cooked foods. "Studies have shown that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly during transportation. During the trip from harvest to dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink Cheap Jake McGee Jersey , and produce loses its vitality." Eating fresh from the garden preserves more the vital nutrients, which helps build healthy cells in your child's body.

4.?Children like to eat what they grow!?There is nothing quite like putting a seed in the ground, watching those first two leaves sprout up and eventually seeing the results of tender love and care of a plant that grows and blooms. Curiosity is an inherent facet of all children... and they are far more likely to be more curious and taste a fruit of vegetable they helped grow.

5.?Gardening is physical exercise!?Planting, composting, weeding and watering all take physical effort. With fewer and fewer minutes of playground time and less outdoor activities by children in general Cheap Chad Bettis Jersey , the incorporation of a school garden can extent children's physical activity during any given school day.

Most men today hate wearing suits. There are two reasons for this. Many men grew up wearing jeans, tee-shirts and running shoes. As such, any 'dress? clothes seem uncomfortable to them. Secondly, men who have work 'dress? clothes from time to time in their youth wore poorly constructed, poorly fitted suits Cheap Ian Desmond Jersey , jackets and trousers made out of inexpensive materials. The perfect interview suit must fit right, be the right color, the proper fabric and be comfortable.


There are to acceptable cuts for men's suits. These are the traditional European which is a bit fitted and the classic American which is looser and less fitted. Both are available now in two or three-button jackets. The American suit is usually boxier and more traditional looking. The European cut is more fitted and usually looks more tailored and contemporary. While I like and have double breasted suits, they are not appropriate for interviews ? even with law firms or the Department of State.


There are two colors that are acceptable for men's suits: navy blue and gray. Navy blue is navy blue. Grays in dark or charcoal and medium are fine. Light gray is questionable, at least for interview situations. The suits can be solid Cheap Todd Helton Jersey , pin stripe or chalk stripe. Regardless, they should look classic and muted ? not like a race track enthusiast or a mob boss.


The best fabric is year round weight 100% wool. In the dead of winter heavier wool is acceptable. Summer weight wool or even poplin can be work in late June, July and August. A very small percentage of polyester can pass for strength. The fabric should not shine or have a distinguishable texture.


For a man's jacket to fit properly in must be the right size and cut. Also, it must be tailored to adjust it in various places. Try on suit jackets until you find one that is comfortable in the back, chest and shoulders with the top (if two button) or middle (if three button) button closed. The fingers should be able to just curl under the hem of the jacket if it is the right length. You must wear a dress shirt to try on a suit jacket. A polo or tee-shirt will not do. If the jacket fits properly in the chest Cheap Nolan Arenado Jersey , shoulders and back (look at the 3-way mirror in the dressing room), now try on the trousers.

Trousers whether plain front or pleated front need to fit in the waist, crotch and the seat. The length will need to be tailored. If the pockets pull, the trousers are too small. If the pants droop much below the belly button, then the wait is too big.


The suit jacket should be tailored in several areas. The back should not have a bubble Cheap Trevor Story Jersey , wrinkle or hump. The collar (or "cape") and lapels should lie flat and not wing out. The sleeves should EACH be measured from the tip of the thumb. Weather some cuff shows is a matter of personal taste. I prefer to show a little shirt cuff. Nothing else on the suit jacket should need to be tailored if it is the right size and cut.

The trousers must fit at the waist. Try them on with a dress belt. Th. Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China   Wholesale NHL Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Authentic NBA Jerseys   Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys

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